The questionnaire

This questionnaire is intended for the eligible candidates in European elections of june 7th. Yes/No answers may be developed on the back of this printed questionnaire or in any other format.

If you want to use this questionnaire to send it to candidates in your Member State, please contact us so we can link to an URL where you would publish the answers (contact @

Content filtering on Internet?

Do you consider filtering or blocking Internet sites to be a reliable and effective way to combat certain particularly serious crimes (child pornography, terrorism, incitement to racial hatred)?

Strengthen author's rights?

Do you consider it necessary to strengthen protection for the author's rights and related rights?1

Network neutrality?

Do you recognize that the principle of network neutrality2 is necessary to maintain fundamental liberties3 and therefore should be guaranteed under law (and not reduced to a simple problem of competition or private contracts with users)?

Non-commercial sharing?

Will you defend a new exception of the author's right to enable non-commercial sharing between individuals of digitalized works? Optionally, could you describe what kind of compensation you would recommend to fund creation4?

  1. 1. Particularly, how do you envisage the changes in term of protection, in what exceptions should be recognized (whether they are mandatory or not) and their effectiveness and the respective roles of the legal system, administration private parties and technology in maintaining these rights?
  2. 2. The principle of network neutrality relates directly to the much older principle of transporter's neutrality. It states that the carrier of a message shall not use the information given, except for getting the message to its destination (what it has been paid for) and no other purpose. No discrimination shall be taken in regard of the sender, the recipient or the nature of transmitted data. That principle is intimately bound to private communications' secrecy. Network neutrality is one of the fundamentals of Internet and enabled its fast growth, making all actors on equal terms no matter what their size, technology or role are.
  3. 3. Freedom of speech, of information, of education, etc are being increasingly implemented through networks.
  4. 4. Creative contribution, global patronage, other, or none.